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Rules & Regulations

  • 1.Classes will be commenced only after clearance of admission fees and course fees.
  • 2.After admission the students cannot avail leave till the completion of the course. And the students fail to attend the classes before six months such students admission and course fees will be cancelled.
  • 3.After completion of the courses, the students failed to collect the certificates with in one year have to get the certificates after paying Rs. 500/- as a fine.
  • 4.Once paid the course fees cannot be returned for any reason.
  • 5.Students registering for the particular courses cannot be changed for any reason.
  • 6.Students have to retain the receipts for the payments till they receive the certificates.
  • 7.If any student wants to change the timing of their courses they have to take prior permission for the same.
  • 8.Examination failed candidates can attend for the supplementary examination after paying Rs.50/- as a fine.
  • 9.Inside the class rooms students cannot use local language and their mobiles should be switched off and they are not allowed to bring eatables.
  • 10.If any students permitted to pay the fees in installment they will be given particular date to pay pay and will be given 10 days extra periods. If they fail to pay within that period they have to pay Rs. 50/- as a penalty.